Friday, December 3, 2010

Andrea Cermanski Studio Open

A New Book: Ellen Koment & Jack Leissring in Art & Letters Love & Desires

This book started back in 1995, in the early days of email. The exchanges continued for about five years, like a long conversation between friends, but without interruptions.  Each could complete a thought; there are none of the loose ends that normally occur face-to-face. A different kind of body language emerges from the the context. Those email letters are gathered here; they form a long conversation about art, love, sex, the differences and similarities of gender understanding. Ellen Koment, as  the book tells us, is the artist every art collector dreams of, one whose hidden message speaks the ineffable; for is not the ultimate purpose of art to say in imagery what cannot be said in words?  Jack Leissring is the collector that every artists dreams of, there at every turn of the path, over many years. Together, then, through the bond of artistic image, we have become a balanced whole. I believe this book shows this; it is almost a novel in letter-form--510 pages.
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Playing with Fire

Entries for the National Juried Exhibition, Playing with Fire Encaustics Exhibition are due Wednesday, December 8.  For Information:

EAI Member Michael Billie at Henderson Fine Arts Center Gallery

Melting the Snow for Water Exhibit
January 7 – February 4
Henderson Fine Arts Center Gallery

The show features the encaustic art of Michael Billie and stone sculptures of Eddy Shorty.  Billie’s encaustic paintings entail working with bees wax mixed with damar resin and pigment. He often utilizes colored wax that he has made, as well as a variety of photography images, pigments and other materials that he’s collected from his travels around the world.
Shorty begins his projects by sketching a stone from different angles. In time, he sees a form in the stone, and then works to create the images – often animals or spirit beings from Navajo mythology.
An opening reception will be held Friday, January 7, from 6 to 8 p.m.
Information: Cindy McNealy, 505-566-3464.

Michael David Speaks at the Chmar Gallery