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EAI Afternoon Fundraiser and Call for Art

5th Annual Fundraising Afternoon Gala and Art Sale. Opening: Sunday Sept. 15th 2-6 pm.

Encaustic Art Institute 18 County Road 55 A, Cerrillos, NM 87010, 505-424-6487,

Entries: Encaustic Art Institute members are asked to donate a piece of their work for sale, to raise funds for the Encaustic Art Institute once a year fund-raising Gala. You may submit one piece, any size and of any depth, 3D or suitable to hang on a wall. All proceeds will go to support EAI's mission. The Institute will retain unsold work for future sales to support its mission. Your donation is tax deductible and upon request, we can send you a receipt. Entries to be delivered to the Institute's Pyramid Gallery any Saturday or Sunday, noon to 5 PM but no later than Sunday, September 8th noon - 5 PM. Shipped entries must arrive by Saturday September 7th with shipping and insurance paid by the artist. This show will hang from September 15th through the 29th.,,,,


August 2 - Call for art

August 23 - Photos for Press, with Special Label Information

Sept. 6th - Label information to Kari Gorden at

Sept. 8th - Deadline for receipt of work by Institute (noon - 5:00 PM)

Sept. 9-14 - Exhibition installed and labeled

Sept. 15th - Opening reception: two - 6:00 PM

Special instructions for submitting Images for Press. Releases/Ads/ Promotion for this show: If you would like to submit an image of the work you are sending for this show to be included in any Press Release for the Show/Advertising for the Show and any other promotional tools for this show, please email a high quality jpeg image (at least 300 dpi, with largest dimension 7", 1) by August 23rd to Kari Gorden at . When you email the image, be sure to include the following information in the body of the email: Artist Name, Title, Media, Dimensions (h x w), and date piece completed. Your permission/consent to use the image is implied if you choose to send your image for this purpose. Please note: you will, in most cases, be submitting an image for consideration by an editor or columnist -- they will choose which image(s) and how many images to use. Size and hanging restrictions: All work must be ready to hang with secure wire across the back. No sawtooth hangers. No size restriction in 2-D artwork. 3-D work is restricted to 50 lbs for pedestal and 70 lbs for floor display and cannot exceed 5' in any direction. Label information: This is separate from the information you need to email for press purposes, this label will be on the wall in the gallery beside your piece. In other words, we need you to submit this information again even if you have previously sent the information for press purposes. Artists should email the following information in this order please: Title of work, Artist name, State you live in (abbreviated to 2 letter abbreviation), medium, and retail sales price to Kari Gorden, at We also need you to print out the label information (click on the link on the left, the label is included with the copy of the Call for Art (on the third page) and attach it to your piece. This is so that we have a permanent record on your piece of who made it, and where to ship it back to if need be. When you ship or deliver your piece, download the attached form, (click on the link at left, label is on page 3) print it out, fill it out, and attach securely to the back your painting, or at the bottom of your sculpture. When shipping artwork, please label your artworks name on the outside of the box with your name, this helps us to locate your shipping box when returning. Special Information regarding shipping your work: Remember, shipping and insurance are ONE-WAY. Please DO NOT ask for a required signature on your artwork, unless delivering through USPS. Artwork is safely delivered without a signature through FedEX and UPS. Drivers are well aware of our shows and delivering and picking up of artwork. We are housed on 12 acres with a Gallery and 2 personal studios, as well as our house. The drivers know where to leave the artwork out of the weather and safely behind the locked fence area. If we have to leave the gates open, then we get "curiosity seekers" coming through unannounced throughout the day. We are very busy throughout the work week, and keep our gates closed for that reason. If you feel that you still need a required signature, then please send through USPS. The post office will send us a note and we can pick up your work at our local post office. Pricing and sales: All art work must be for sale. The Institute will retain 100% of the sales to support its mission. We ask that you give us your retail value which will be noted on the label. Unless a piece is considerably smaller or larger in value, they will be priced or auctioned accordingly. There will be a silent and live auction. Paintings and raffle items of greater value will be live auctioned. Paintings that do not sell through either auction will remain hanging for sale throughout the duration of the show. It takes a lot of work to organize and hang an exhibition. You can help by following the instructions and respecting the deadlines. Thank you!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Angel Wynn Showing

Call For Raffle Items

Call for Raffle Items for the "5th Annual Afternoon Gala and Art Auction"

Dear Members, We are gathering raffle/auction items for our yearly Gala event, September 15th. EAI relies heavily on this one event for funds to make all aspects of the Institute grow and function. The raffle items cost $5 a ticket. In addition, the auction segment will be part silent and live for paintings, as well as bigger ticket items that are being donated. The beauty of participating is you need not be present to win. Some of these items are localized and it would mean a visit for you to NM....but some are items that can be shipped to you, or a service you can take advantage of anywhere. A few samples of what we have so far are gift certificates for encaustic materials, one-year EAI membership, jewelry, encaustic books, one-day workshop with member Sherry Ikeda, etc. The other items we have are gift certificates for NM local things such as dining, spa certificate, B & B weekend in Taos, hot air balloon ride, jazz quartet playing at a gathering of your choice, etc. In years past we have had members donate items such as a hand-inlaid knife, a week's stay in Mexico at a time-share, etc. Use your imagination - you can donate your services, or something of value that you think would be interesting to EAI members and their friends and families. We will be getting a Raffle flyer out in a couple of weeks for people to pre-pay for their raffle tickets. We will be able to put your paid tickets in the raffle drawing boxes, as well as have you represented at the live/silent auction. The upcoming email will tell you more specifically how it works. I appreciate you considering anything you might want to donate. All donations are tax deductible. Any questions or donation ideas, please contact me at: Please let us know soon.

Sincerely, Douglas Mehrens Founder/CEO - Encaustic Art Institute

Tuesday, August 6, 2013