Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sallyann Paschall at Museum of Contemporary Indian Arts.

Sallyann Paschall and Alex Peña: The Place Between - January 25 – March 31, 2014. May 24 – July 31, 2014. South Gallery. Opening Reception: Friday January 24, 2014. 5-7pm

The two-person exhibition The Place Between draws from and expands upon the conceptual basis of the “original multiple” supported by the printmaking process and the potential for creative manipulation to interpret a sense of place. About the artists: Sallyann Paschall, an enrolled member of the Cherokee nation, was raised in Oklahoma and now resides in New Mexico. Her art encompasses painting, prints, and mixed media. Paschall has studied art, anthropology and geology, following her lifelong interests in these subjects and obtained a Masters Degree in Studio Art with a focus on painting and ceramic sculpture and a Masters of Science in structural geology. Her work has been widely exhibited and is held in collections in the United States and abroad. She has also won numerous awards at both the Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market and the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Call For Art

Tubac Center of the Arts has a call for art for their National Juried Show called "From the Earth". The "Paper" section of this exhibit would be open to any encaustic artists working in paper and Catherine Nash is the juror. For the prospectus go to:

2014 EAI Calendar

Event Calendar – 2014

January/February – CLOSED.

March – Open for appointments. 505-424-6487. Displaying rotating members work all month.

March 1 - CALL FOR ART: “Wax with Dimension”. “Wax with Dimension” opens May 17th.

April – Open Saturdays/ Sundays – noon to five/or by appointment. Displaying rotating members work through May 11th.

May - Open Saturdays/Sundays – noon to five/or by appointment.

May 3 - CALL FOR ART: “The Art of Nature, and all that is Natural” opens July 19th.

May 9 - “Wax with Dimension” labels and shipping deadline by 5:00. (see your call for art for details)

May 17 - Members Show: “Wax with Dimension”. Opening: Saturday May 17 noon to five. Showing May 17 through June 15th EAI Gallery Space.

June - Open Saturdays/Sundays – noon to five/or by appointment.

June 1-15 - Displaying “Wax with Dimension” show.

June 15th- CALL FOR ART: 4th Annual National Juried Encaustic/Wax Exhibition. Showing Oct. 4 – Nov. 2.

June 22 through July 14th – rotating members work.

July - Open Saturdays/Sundays – noon to five/or by appointment.

July 1-14 - Showing rotating members work.

July 11- “The Art of Nature, and all that is Natural” labels and shipping deadline by 5:00. (see call for art for details).

July 19 - Members Show – “The Art of Nature, and all that is Natural”. Opening: Saturday July 19th noon to five. Showing July 19th through August 31st.

August - Open Saturdays/Sundays – noon to five/or by appointment.

Aug. 1 - Displaying “The Art of Nature, and all that is Natural” show Sept. 7.

August 2 - CALL FOR ART: 6th Annual EAI Fundraising Gala. Sunday Sept. 14th.

September – Open Saturdays/Sundays – noon to five/or by appointment.

Sept. 5th - 6th Annual EAI Fundraising Gala shipping and label deadline by 5:00. (see call for art for details).

Sept. 14th - 6th Annual Fundraising Gala. Opening: Sunday Sept. 14th 2-6 pm.

Sept. 26th - National Juried Encaustic/Wax Exhibition shipping and label deadline by 5:00. (see call for art for details).

October - Open Saturdays/Sundays – noon to five/or by appointment.

Oct. 4 – 4th Annual National Juried Encaustic/Wax Exhibition thru Nov. 2. Opening: Saturday Oct 4th noon to five.

Oct. 4,5 & 11,12 - Madrid and Cerillos Studio Tour. EAI represented as one of 29 local artists and studios. Showing: National Juried Encaustic/Wax Exhibition.

November - Open by appointment: 505-424-6487.

December - Open by appointment: 505-424-6487.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Patricia Aaron Showing in Colorado

Urban Abstract - Rural Grid MOA. Englewood City Center. Second Floor Gallery. Englewood, CO 80110. Ph. 303-806-0444. now through March 8, 2014.

2013 Year End Summary

Dear Encaustic Art Institute Members, Below I have summed up 2013 for you and provided a link to the 2013 AnnualReport. (Click on the link on the left to read the report.) - EAI had a fabulous season of shows in the gallery. We held our 3rd annual Juried Encaustic Exhibition and hired Juried Art Services to manage the entries. The fund-raising Gala in September changed from a night time theme to a Sunday afternoon with huge success. Member's workshops were promoted through our Blog and Face book and our gallery. For two weekends in October, EAI became part of a studio/gallery tour, featuring 29 local artists/galleries. The advertising reach through the studio tour was remarkable and attracted Albuquerque visitors, as well as the Santa Fe and Galisteo crowds. We joined the IEA conference in Santa Fe by hosting a tour of the EAI gallery the first week in November. We promoted the convention on the EAI Face book and Blog and the Encaustic Arts Magazine. Many of our members worked to make the IEA convention a success. IEA's tour to our gallery was a "sold-out" tour and the largest crowd in the gallery we ever had. This year bus tours were popular, and we happily hosted big crowds. - The free on-line Encaustic Magazine, published again in June and December featuring encaustic artists and tips for the trade. Its advertising and readership is continually growing. This year the Magazine acquired new software and a new editor, Kari Gorden. She also organizes the advertising for the Magazine and it is blossoming under her care. - The EAI website also got a facelift with new software. EAI member Kari Gorden took over as our part-time paid website manager. Her consistent follow-though and attention to detail, as well as her creative sensibilities are invaluable. - The Permanent Collection was re-organized this year and got its first showing at the Albuquerque Airport. It took member Kate Palmo investing her time to land us the deal...and three years later, we got in. The waiting list at airport venues continue to be extended as the popularity and availability of airport space dedicated to art increases. We are scheduled for a 2015 showing in the airport and are currently working on other airports in different states to show in. We continue to seek museums to display the collection in and are planning on putting together presentation material to assist in that. - The two themed member shows were interesting and pulled some free advertising press from the local newspapers. We also received some incredible press from the Santa Fean Magazine Oct/Nov issue. This is a full color magazine premier magazine that goes into every hotel room of the major hotels in Santa Fe, as well as their large subscription base. - 2013 we sent out a specific "volunteer list". We had a resounding reply and we truly appreciated the volunteer efforts of everyone local and not local. Tristina Dietz-Elmes out of Florida volunteered to be our EAI Face book manager, and has done a fantastic job. Member Cherry Rohe and her husband Jamie volunteered to gallery-sit one weekend a month, giving my wife and I time to get out of town a little with friends. We had a fantastic group who volunteered to organize the Fundraising Gala; Fionna Buck, Sherry Ikeda, Nancy Gott and Guy Baldovi. Members Sherry Ikeda and John Schaeffer volunteered numerous times to give demonstrations for bus tours and for the Gala. Linda Fillhardt continues to keep the EAI Blog going and Teena Robinson volunteered to help us with advertising and graphics. We couldn't do this without all of you and we appreciate everyone who stepped up to the plate in any way possible. We will be sending out a volunteer list within the month and hope you will consider helping us keep the Encaustic Art Institute moving forward. Your help will make our efforts run more smoothly and affordably. - EAI will continue to expand and grow and expose Encaustic Art in the best possible ways to collectors as well as to artists - that is our mission. The Institute not only represents your art, but more importantly is connecting the public to the Encaustic Art movement. Every person we meet in the gallery, every ad we place, every school we teach in - is introducing the wax movement to one more person that has never heard or seen it. I appreciate all of you who have already been volunteering your efforts. Thanks goes to our board members for all of their guidance and support; Glenn Fellows, Michael Allison and Perry Lovelace. I also appreciate each and every one of your memberships and know that we couldn't sail this art-ship without you. Attached is the 2013 Annual Report. Please click on the link on the left to view the report. - A prosperous and creative New Year to you, Douglas Mehrens Founder/CEO/Encaustic Art Institute

Friday, January 3, 2014


1-3-2014: As many of you are aware, the Encaustic Art Institute started compiling a permanent collection of encaustic/wax art in 2006. We have accrued this collection through artist donations and supporting patrons who have purchased art and then donated them. At this time, we have over 130 pieces in the collection. You can view this collection on our website, EAI is a non-profit 501c3 organization, and all donations of artwork for the permanent collection can be used for tax purposes, and will not be sold. Donation Receipts will be mailed to you after arrival of your artwork, and a photo will be displayed on the EAI website. You do not need to be a member of EAI to contribute to the Permanent Collection. The purpose of the permanent collection is two-fold. First, to have displayed in our gallery space, a wide assortment of unique and diverse encaustic/wax art forms for the public to view. This supports the encaustic movement's growth and gives the public a better understanding of how wonderful this art form is. In 2012 we remodeled the gallery space by taking out the area that we used to teach in, and added two large double sided 8ft. x 14ft. walls. This enabled us to have half of the 2500 s.f. gallery space to hang and rotate our permanent collection and the other half for our member's art. Secondly, we aim to acquire a large enough collection in order to be juried by prospective museums throughout America for an Encaustic/Wax showing. After speaking with the Albuquerque Museum of art, and approaching other museums, I have found two important things we have to put together to accomplish this goal; a larger collection that they can choose from and a first- class presentation of our collection. In addition to pursuing museum presence, we have shown a portion of the collection in the Albuquerque Airport in 2013 with incredible success. We have the space reserved again in 2015, and are currently locating airport venues to get the collection seen in other states. Consequently, EAI has committed to start photographing the collection the first week in February 2014. We have hired Art Guild Press to photograph/publish a beautiful hard- bound book for presentation. Our goal is to have a book in hand by April 15th. This is the first/last call for art as we start photographing the collection the first week in February 2014. *Artwork must be sent no later than Friday, February 14, 2014, there will be no exceptions. Hand-delivered pieces, please call to make an appointment for delivery as we are closed Jan/Feb with regular hours. *You may send one piece up to the equivalent of a 4 x 4 ft dimension. 3D, sculpture pieces - no larger than 16" in diameter and 4 ft. tall. *Each piece must have a label on the back, with the artist name, title, medium, size, price, year painted, and it must be signed. You can go to our website at and click on send us your art, where there is a form you can use. * Send to EAI c/o Douglas Mehrens, 18 General Goodwin Road Cerrillos, New Mexico 87010 UPS, FEDX, or USPS delivers. Please do not ask for a signature, unless it is USPS. Any questions please contact Douglas Mehrens at, or call 505-424-6487. Thank you, Douglas Mehrens Founder/CEO Encaustic Art Institute