Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dimensional Encaustics

Instructors: Karon Leigh & Randi Harper

This workshop is intended for experienced encaustic artists who want to break the 2-D boundary and explore their work in 3-dimensional form. Students are encouraged to let go of preconceived ideas, take risks, work spontaneously - and have fun! We will sculpt, paint, sew and mold using clay, concrete, plaster, fibers, found objects and more. Creating dimensional pieces that employ the layering, color and luminosity that is so unique to the encaustic method. Most tools and equipment provided. Encaustic palette and workstation provided for each participant. Some encaustics and medium provided but students are encouraged to bring their own. Supply list will be provided to registered participants.

Workshop Fee: $600. + $40 material fee
Dates: Wed. Sept. 1 – Sat. Sept. 4, 2010
Location: Encaustic Art Institute, Cerrillos, NM
Registration: Workshop Registration Information at www.NewDimensionEncaustics.com

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Institute offers workshops

The Encaustic Art Institute is offering several workshops for all levels of skill from beginning to advanced. Those who have been wanting to learn this process of painting with pigmented wax can attend a one or two day workshop being offered Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1. Instructor is Russell Thurston, who has exhibited and taught encaustic painting in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Santa Fe during the past ten years. See examples of his work at www.russellthurston.com
His July 31 session will focus on beginning encaustic painting, including how to apply the medium; fusing; scraping and layering techniques. The August 1st session will focus on intermediate encaustic painting and cover using specialized encaustic tools, stenciling, embossing, transfer techniques and creating a 3-D surface. Contact Russell at russellthurston@msn.com or go to his website.

R & F Paints returns to the Institute August 4 - 8 with artist Gina Adams as instructor. Gina will cover encaustic basics such as safety, preparation of surfaces, tools and techniques for fusing, collage, casting, carving and more. All levels of artists from beginners to advanced are welcome. Contact Laura Moriarty, Director of Exhibitions and Workshops at R & F Handmade Paints: laura@rfpaints.com for more information.

3-D encaustic artists Karon Leigh (Arizona) and Randi Harper (Washington) will offer a "New Dimensions" workshop at the Institute September 1 - 4. Contact Karon at karonleigh@gmail.com for more information. In conjunction with this workshop, the Institute will mount an exhibition featuring the use of encaustic in three dimensional work, August 21 - September 12. Details to follow on the blog.

New Mexico encaustic artists attend international conference

New Mexico was well represented at the Fourth International Encaustic Painting Conference, held June 11-13 at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. Attending were seven artists from the state including four who demonstrated or presented talks related to the medium. Francisco Benitez discussed and demonstrated the ancient approach to encaustic painting; Ellen Koment talked about "Going Large;" Russell Thurston demonstrated how to integrate oil media and dry pigments with encaustic; and Harriette Tsosie led a panel on how to create an organization for encaustic artists. Paula Roland attended as a vendor, selling and demonstrating how to use her famous "hot box." Also attending from New Mexico were encaustic artists Barbara Gagel and Susan Shaffer. Participants enjoyed a scholarly talk about Jasper Johns use of encaustic; a panel on making a career in encaustic; and a gallery talk by the curator of an all encaustic exhibition. Several post conference workshops were held, including one by Benitez "Homage to Fayum." Most of the New Mexico delegation are members of the Encaustic Art Institute. Members attending from other states included Sherrie Posternak (Arizona) and Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch (Washington)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

“Pollination: Encaustic Works from New Mexico Including Many Members of the EAI”


The City of Santa Fe Community Gallery announces, in collaboration with the Santa Fe Botanical Garden and Ecoversity “Pollination- Encaustic Works from New Mexico”. The Community Gallery will feature an exhibition presenting the wonder of encaustic painting as well as educational and inspired programming regarding the history and myriad encaustic techniques available to artists in that media, which relies on bees wax. Inherent in the subject matter of this exhibit are the numerous environmental impacts of civilization on bee populations and their role in our lives as vital pollinators. Over 20 artists in encaustic media will offer a full range of work that expresses both the beauty of the materials they use as well as the exacting nature of encaustic work.

Numerous community events will connect visitors more closely to the natural environment through informative workshop/demonstrations for community education.

Workshop/Demonstration Calendar of Events for Pollination- FREE to the public!

Harriette Tsosie
Saturday, June 26th, 1-4 pm
In the Community Gallery- 201 W. Marcy (at the Sheridan intersection)
Harriette Tsosie will give a short talk on the history of encaustic (pigmented wax) painting and demonstrate her encaustic process. Tsosie has been painting with wax for seven years. She is president of the Encaustic Art Institute and is represented by the Institute as well as FLUX Contemporary, Albuquerque.

Sallyann Paschall
Saturday, July 24th, 1-4 pm
In the Community Gallery- 201 W. Marcy (at the Sheridan intersection)
Sallyann Paschall will do an encaustic demonstration of not only basic encaustic techniques but techniques that incorporate collage elements into encaustic work. The basic demonstration will be followed by a chance for the audience to experience encaustics for themselves. Each participant will be given a small block of wood with which to experiment. Each person may then take their newly made work of encaustic art home with them.

Russell Thurston
Saturday, August 7, 1-4 pm
In the Community Gallery- 201 W. Marcy (at the Sheridan intersection)
One of the more challenging aspects of encaustic painting is creating fine details. Over the years, Russell has developed various ways of adding oil paints, oil sticks, and dry pigments to facilitate detail work. While these methods can be difficult to control and require some skill: they offer additional choices in encaustic painting.
More specifically, Russell will demonstrate:
1) How to etch or emboss the surface of an encaustic painting with various tools and then apply oils, oil sticks, or pigments.
2) How to handle the differences in how the oil media responds to heat versus how wax responds.
3) How to use wax paper to mask parts of the painting to create particular effects such as fine details.
Russell will also cover the basics of straight painting with oils, oil sticks or pigments on the surface of a painting, then scraping with tools to remove some of the oil color, followed by heating with a gun or lamp to fuse the surface.

The Community Gallery is located inside the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, 201 West Marcy Street, at the intersection of Sheridan Street. Public parking is available in the Center garage, located off Federal Avenue. The Community Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

“The intent of this exhibit is to illuminate the inter-connectedness we, as humans, have with our environment in the past, present and future,” states gallery manager Rod Lambert. “It is vital to understand, in light of numerous environmental catastrophes in our recent past, the results our footprint has on the natural world. As we celebrate our 400th anniversary, we should strive to preserve the ecosystems which contribute to the beauty and power of place so evident in Santa Fe.”

The work of over 20 artists will be represented in the “Pollination” exhibit, with a variety of encaustic techniques, styles and price points. The exhibit will include work by: Trina Badarak, Paige Baillie, Martha Rea Baker, Kelly Barrett, Francisco Benitez, Helen Cozza, Linda Fillhardt, Christy Hengst, Maureen Howles, Sandra Lerner, Stephanie Lerma, Joyce Macrorie, Sallyann Paschall, Teena Robinson, Paula Roland, Diane Rolnick, Susan Shaffer, Russell Thurston, Harriette Tsosie, Shawn Turung, Paula Verona, Carol Ware and Susan Zimmerman.

The Community Gallery promotes, sells and exhibits the work of New Mexico artists and artisans, with the emphasis on Santa Fe, through exhibitions, professional training and community involvement in the arts. Community Gallery programming provides a range of services, exhibitions and activities that engage the public as well as support the efforts of local artists and artisans. As a result, the gallery is a hub for viewing and exhibiting exciting artworks and brings the community to art as well as art to the community. For more information about the Community Gallery, visit www.SantaFeArtsCommission.org, send an email to rdlambert@santafenm.gov or call 505-955-6705.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Linda Fillhardt Donates Piece To The EAI

The EAI would like to thank Linda Fillhardt for her donation of Disintegration #4 (19"x15") to the permanent collection of encaustics at the EAI.  Linda lives in Lamy, NM and is a member of the institute.