Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Mexico encaustic artists attend international conference

New Mexico was well represented at the Fourth International Encaustic Painting Conference, held June 11-13 at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. Attending were seven artists from the state including four who demonstrated or presented talks related to the medium. Francisco Benitez discussed and demonstrated the ancient approach to encaustic painting; Ellen Koment talked about "Going Large;" Russell Thurston demonstrated how to integrate oil media and dry pigments with encaustic; and Harriette Tsosie led a panel on how to create an organization for encaustic artists. Paula Roland attended as a vendor, selling and demonstrating how to use her famous "hot box." Also attending from New Mexico were encaustic artists Barbara Gagel and Susan Shaffer. Participants enjoyed a scholarly talk about Jasper Johns use of encaustic; a panel on making a career in encaustic; and a gallery talk by the curator of an all encaustic exhibition. Several post conference workshops were held, including one by Benitez "Homage to Fayum." Most of the New Mexico delegation are members of the Encaustic Art Institute. Members attending from other states included Sherrie Posternak (Arizona) and Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch (Washington)

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