Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ellen Koment named R&F Artist of the Month

Congratulations to Ellen Koment who has been named R&F Handmade Paints' Artist of the Month for March. The article includes an interview with Laura Moriarty. For the full article click the link below. Here is a small exert from the article.
LM: Is drawing an important part of your practice, or do you pull images from your imagination?
EK: I think that my work right now is all about drawing and yes I do look at the natural world as an infinite resource in it's variety of lines and shapes. But often as I begin working the images become a few steps removed from the original source and come more from an inner resource. To me drawing refers to making linear marks, whether on paper or wax, whether I am looking at a plant, a figure, a landscape, or inside myself. Click here to link to the article.

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