Wednesday, May 5, 2010

EAI Members Give Encaustic Lessons at Area Schools

It's springtime in Santa Fe, and that means the Encaustic Art Institute is taking its show on the road.

EAI Founder Douglas Mehrens, Educational Director Carol Ware, and Program Director Russell Thurston provided a full day of free encaustic classes at the Academy of Technology and the Classics, a charter middle and high school in Santa Fe, NM.

Students in grades 7 through 12 got a hands-on lesson in the ancient techniques of encaustic art and made mono-prints using Paula Roland's Hot-boxes and encaustic sticks provided by R&F Handmade paints.

The comments from the kids as they pulled their prints ranged from "Oh...awesome" to "Wow...that's really cool" to "That's sooo SICK!" (I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.)

EAI members are planning on visiting two more local schools before the end of the term.

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