Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sign Up Now for Sherrie Posternak's Workshop, April 30 and May 1

Some characteristics of encaustic medium lend themselves well to receiving
transferred images. These techniques enhance the ability of the artist to
represent ideas using layering, perspective, and graphics. Sherrie Posternak
uses transferred images extensively in her work, and has experimented with a
large variety of materials and methods. In this two day workshop April 30
and May 1, you will have a chance to play with and rate your photo transfers
using at least 8 different types of printed surfaces, 3 methods of
transferring, and 7 ways of "sealing in" your transfer. We will also spend
time learning how to correctly do a pour, and an alternative non-poured
panel preparation.
Sherrie will also demonstrate transferring other media besides photos, as
well as embedding (rather than transferring) images printed on silk, silk
tissue, and sumi paper. You will have time to test each technique on sample
boards, as well as spend time composing at least one finished piece. To sign
up for the class, go to the EAI Website

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