Thursday, May 19, 2011

Additional Information on the Michael David Workshop

“Photo Encaustic Workshop” by Michael David
Friday, July 15 - Sunday, July 17, 2011. $525. $100 deposit required.
Minimum: 8 students. Maximum: 15 students.

From Michael David:
Encaustic and photography (and film as well) are inherently and intimately
related. These mediums have the unique ability to "fuse" memory and encase the
"moment." Encaustic provides the perfect skin, flesh, and material to capture
and preserve photographic and film imagery imagery of our past and present.

I have been working with the two mediums for over two decades. From my early
figurative “Jackie Series,” to my most recent exhibition of collaborative
paintings, “Post Mammalian Tension (based on archival film and photography),
with filmmaker Scott Browning, I have developed techniques and processes unique
to the medium. The process of large and medium scale pouring is ambitious and
exciting and can yield extraordinary results.

Look at the “Works” section of my web site and click
on “The Jackies” and “Post Mammalian Tension” albums for examples of this
distinct and beautifully expressive process.

My collaborator Scott Browning will also be joining me at the workshop. Together
we will discuss the conceptual and technical issues we faced in bringing
together encaustic painting and archival cinema and photography for our recent
show in Atlanta (along with the surprising parallels and points of intersection
we discovered along the way). We will also explore the historical and
contemporary dialogue between painting and cinema – a sometimes contentious,
often complimentary, and always fascinating and evolving relationship (our
power point presentation on this covers everything from Leger, to Man Ray, to
Bergman, to Woody Woodpecker!).

We will only have a short time together and the time will no doubt fly –
therefore,I would like to start a dialogue with each of you now. If you could
send me JPEGs of your work and tell me your goals well in advance it will allow
us tailor this workshop to your individual needs and prepare relevant images and
support materials.

While our time is short, I know if we prepare well enough in advance you will
leave with several exhibition ready pieces you will love.

PS...don't forget to ask me about photo encaustic and silk, something we just
came up with about a month ago. It's amazing.

Best Regards
Michael David

Instructor: Michael David. BFA Parsons School of Design. Abstract painter known for his use of encaustic. Work included in permanent collections of the following museums: Metropolitan, Guggenheim, Jewish Museum of NY, Museum of Contemporary Art, LA, and the LA County Museum of Art. Recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Edward Albee Foundations, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters. To see more work:

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