Sunday, June 12, 2011

Harmony Community Project

The Encaustic Art Instituteis proud to present and sponsor the Harmony Community Project, a fund-raiser for the Habitat for Humanity. A collaborative effort from the artists in your community.
Engaging all artists to collaborate with other community partners to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity.
This project is an example of artists coming together in a seed community to use their talents to engage a larger community to raise funds for low income families. Other community networks, such as Habitat for Humanity and Creative Albuquerque and Encaustic Art Institute, are joining together to create a force for good in our city.
The goal of the Harmony Community Project is to raise enough monies to build one house in the greater Albuquerque area.
•Recruit sponsors to become integral members of the project
•Platinum $1000.00 +
•Gold $500.00 +
•Silver $250.00 +
•Bronze $25.00 +
•Display HARMONY art panel at Encaustic Art Institute now through September 1st. HARMONY panel will then be displayed at Creative Albuquerque from September 22nd through October 6th.
•Publicize the Project in local media through press releases, TV spots, interviews, etc.
Habitat for Humanity Auction The fund-raising celebration and auction will be held at Creative Albuquerque, 115 4th Street N.W. 87102, at the S.W. corner of 4th & Copper, (public parking available at parking garage at 5th and Copper) Open from 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. Phone: (505) 268-1920
The Celebration and Fund Raising Auction will be on Saturday, October 1st from 6pm to 9pm. Artists Donation — Sponsorship for Fund Raiser:
Artists donation for the Habitat for Humanity Auction: any artist can donate one work of art. To do so contact Douglas Mehrens: or
phone: 505.424.6487 for requirements, size restrictions, and submittal deadline.
Send your donations to: Encaustic Art Institute, 18 County Road 55A (18 General Goodwin Road)Cerrillos, NM 87010. Make checks out to: Harmony Community Project or to pay by credit card, go to and click on the Harmony Community Project button in the index. Your contribution is tax deductible as permitted by law. Your check-stub is your receipt. You can also go to the EAI website to donate:
ENCAUSTIC ART INSTITUTE is a non-profit art organization
Douglas Mehrens, Founder,
18 County Road, 55A (18 General Goodwin Road)
Cerrillos, New Mexico 87010
Phone: 505.424.6487
For additional information please visit, The Encaustic Grid Project Blog:
And, where the actual/final panels were posted including artists names and statements:

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