Monday, July 11, 2011


The mysteries of the creative process unfold in a series of exhibitions and community events this summer in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Called “Mining the Unconscious,” the project references the long- awaited 2009 publication of Carl Jung’s red book journal and explores the role of the unconscious in all forms of artistic expression, ranging from poetry, dance, drama, and painting to its reflection in myth, dream and shamanism.

The Red Book itself--sometimes referred to as “the holy grail of the unconscious”-- details Jung’s confrontation with his own unconscious in dialogs with archetypal figures he encounters through “active imagining.” Jung considered The Red Book--written and illustrated over a period of many years--his most important work. “The years...when I pursued the inner images, were the most important time of my life...Everything else is to be derived from this...My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an enigmatic stream.”

In a series of three exhibitions, contemporary artists explore such Jungian themes as alchemy, archetype, dream, prophecy, spirituality, shamanism and symbol.

“Mining the Unconscious I” which premiered at The Santa Fe Arts Commission Community Gallery Friday, June 17, continues through August 21st. The Gallery is located at 201 West Marcy Street (intersection of Marcy and Sheridan), Santa Fe. Gallery hours are 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Tuesday - Saturday. EAI members Martha Rea Baker and Russell Thurston are included in this juried show. For more information, contact: Gallery Manager Rod Lambert, 505/955-6705 or visit

“Mining the Unconscious II,” --an artist-initiated exhibition showcasing the works of 35 invited artists from throughout New Mexico opened Friday, July 8th and continues through August 7th at the Santa Fe
University of Art and Design’s Fine Arts Gallery. The Gallery is located next to the Fogelson Library on the University’s campus at 1600 Saint Michael's Drive, Santa Fe. Gallery hours are Thursday - Sunday, 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM. The exhibition includes encaustic works by EAI members Jayne Levant and Harriette Tsosie.

In conjunction with “Mining the Unconscious II,” selected artists from all three exhibitions will participate in a series of “Artists on Art” panels and discussions about the creative process itself. Topics include: “Why do Artists make Art?” “How does Art Affect/Reflect Culture,” and “What role
does the unconscious play in creativity? The talks are Friday evenings July 15, 22, and 29th beginning at 7:00 PM in the Annex, a classroom space adjacent to the Fine Arts Gallery and in the same building. Contact: Harriette Tsosie, 575/779-7941 or

“Mining the Unconscious III” is an exhibition by members of The Encaustic Art Institute. It is the only one of the three exhibitions restricted to a single medium: encaustic (pigmented wax). Artists working with encaustic demonstrate the versatility of the medium in expressing the dreamy, abstract qualities of the unconscious and its layered complexity. The Institute’s member-artists are from throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The exhibition opens in the Institute’s Pyramid Gallery on Saturday, August 6, with a reception from 1:00 - 6:00 PM and continues through August 28th. The Institute is located at 18 County Road 55-A (General Goodwin Road), Cerrillos, NM. Hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 - 6:00 PM and by appointment. Contact: Douglas Mehrens, 505/424-6487 or visit either or

All three exhibitions are open free of charge to the public and most of the exhibited works are for sale.

In addition to the exhibitions, a plethora of community events are planned. For details:

Mining the Unconscious project partners include: The Encaustic Art Institute, The New Mexico Art Therapy Association, and The New Mexico Committee for the National Museum in the Arts.

Images: above, Diane Bailey Haug, Veritgo; right, Susan Stone, Sine Macula Peccati.


dianesartnow said...

Thanks for posting my painting!

Susan Stone Photographer and Encaustic Artist said...

And thanks for posting my image too. Wish the whole image showed in the rectangular box though. And it would be nice if in the future you did list the artists name. Susan Stone