Monday, August 15, 2011

EAI: Thumos Gala Fund-Raiser- Saturday, September 17, 5-8pm

EAI's one and only fund-raiser Gala "Thumos" is fast approaching and we would like to see all of you stir up the excitement with your friends, family and patrons by purchasing ticket. EAI relies heavily on this one event for funds to make all aspects of the Institute grow and function. We appreciate all your efforts and support for what is going to be a wonderful event.

The procedure for the fund-raiser $25 tickets on September 17th is as follows:
If you have donated a piece for the auction, your entry ticket is covered, otherwise members and spouses pay $25. If the donated piece does not sell, it goes into EAI's permanent collection. To purchase tickets, you can send us your check(s) to: EAI 18 County Road 55A Cerrillos, NM 87010; or pay online. Either way you purchase tickets, please send us the form in the attachment to this email. (in the attachment, be sure and scroll down to the ticket part). To pay online: go to and select Gallery Purchases. Enter $25 and Quantity and enter "update". You can use your Pay Pal account or where it says "Don't have a Pay Pal Account?" click that and it takes you to credit cards.

It does make it easier for us if you pay in advance, so we can figure food and beverage. If at the last minute you want to bring a friend, we will sell tickets at the door.

EAI's Permanent Collection
All members should be aware that we are in the process of drafting letters to 8 major museums in the US to get a special 1st-time traveling exhibit of encaustic work. For this to be accomplished we are working on a larger collection. If you are interested in donating a piece, please contact Douglas:

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