Saturday, May 12, 2012

Only A Few Days Left to Help Support EAI's Program in the Schools

Help by spreading the word. Help by pledging your support for Encaustic Art Institute's Art in the Schools Program on

Please go to the EAI project page on, using the link below
Encaustic Art Institute's Art in the Schools Program by Sherry Ikeda — Kickstarter for more information and to pledge your support for Art in the Schools Program. Or go to

About this project: Funding for this project goes toward equipment and encaustic supplies for use in our junior high and high school beginning encaustic classes. Funds will also be used for advertising our annual fund raising event which will feature our student artists.
We all know that one of the first things to be cut when it comes of budget cuts in the public schools are the classes in the arts. Please help us to continue and expand our programs in the public schools and continue our support of up and coming young artists. Please pledge your support and please ask your friends and family to support this project.

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