Saturday, June 23, 2012

Call for Art for Gala and Juried Show

Calls for art for the Gala and for the Juried show will be sent separately, but for your reference/planning: Deadlines for the Juried show July 7th Call for Art sent Aug 27th Entry Deadline Sept 8 Delivery Deadline for Selected pieces Sept 22 Opening 1-6 PM Deadlines For the Gala Aug 1st Call for Art sent Sept 1st Delivery Deadline Sept 15th Gala 5-8 PM Size and hanging restrictions: All work must be ready to hang with secure wire across the back. No sawtooth hangers. 3-D work is restricted to 50 lbs for pedestal and 70 lbs for floor display and cannot exceed 5' in any direction. Label information: Artists should provide the following information along with their entry and in this order: Title of work, your name, medium, dimensions--with height first--, price. Download the attached form (click on link on the left, label is on page 2) and attach one copy to your entry. E-mail the label information and price to Sherry Ikeda:

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