Thursday, November 15, 2012

Encaustic Supplies for Sale

Kit Hevron Mahoney has a complete encaustic set up, practically new that she wants to sell. She can send pictures and have attached a list of what is for sale. She is wanting $750 or best offer for $1200 worth of materials. EmailAddr: Phone: 303-549-1857 FOR SALE •R&F Encaustic Paints 104 ml regular cakes (Barely used) Neutral White, Indigo Series 2, Burnt Sienna Series 1,Burnt Umber Series 1, Ultramarine, Blue Series 2, Cerulean Blue Series 6, French Mauve Bluish Series 5, Cobalt Deep Violet Series 6, Cobalt Blue Series 5, Cad Yellow Light Series 4 Indian Yellow Series 3, Phtalo Blue Series2, Alizaron Crimson Series 4, Pthalo Turquoise Series 2, Paynes Grey Series 2, Iridescent Copper, Rose Madder Series 4, Sap Green Series 3, Cad Green Series 4, Cad Red Light Series 5, Cad Red Deep Series 5, Mars Yellow Light Series 1, Cad Orange Series 4 Tools •1 Thermometer Perfect for reading the temperature of encaustic palette/heated surfaces •4 rectangular palette cups : hold 104 ml used •5 Round palette cups us

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