Friday, May 31, 2013

Ellen Koment's Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to Encaustic - July 12-15: This introduction will cover all the basics, including how to make paint, apply paint, fuse, and finish. You will learn about surfaces, preparing surfaces and a great variety of new techniques, use of dry pigment, photo transfer, pouring, and much more. Because it is combined with a more advanced group, you will also have the opportunity to work a little larger, if you choose to. More About Encaustic: Going a Little Larger - July 12-15: Designed for encaustic artists with some experience, this four day workshop will allow you to work from a small panel to an intermediate size (up to 20"). We will cover, or review, all the basics, as well as discussing when it is appropriate,and important, to take your work both to a larger size, and to a more conceptually considered state. The why of what you do, as well as the how to. A variety of new techniques will be demonstrated. Beyond Beginning: Going Large - August 12-16: Open to Intermediate and More Advanced encaustic painters, this workshop will enable you to work on larger scale..up to 36" in any dimension, or put together a series of paintings to creat a large diptych, triptych..or more. We will discuss the conceptual basis for working larger, what is to be learned, how to approach it, and the things, both technical and aesthetic, that need to be considered. For more information go to

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