Monday, July 29, 2013

EAI's New Website

Dear Members: We are launching a new website for EAI, check it out: The site has a new look, added content, and tablet and phone compatibility. There are aspects that you, as a member should review. They are listed below, in addition to pages on the website you may want to explore. As always, please contact us if you have questions. You can use the Contact tab to email Douglas Mehrens.

Information to take note of: Membership/Renewal- We have streamlined the procedure for renewing your membership. Click on the Membership/Renewal tab in the menu at the top of the website then click on the Become a Member page from the drop-down menu. Click the renewal link, fill in the form and submit your payment. Membership information- This page on the dropdown menu will give you general information about your membership. It is intended primarily for new members to find out more about how their membership works. Even if you are a long-time member please check it out as there may be things you weren't aware of. Listing of EAI Members- This page lists the names and states of current EAI members. If you are a current member and your name is not on this list, please email Kari Gorden ( so that we can update the list. There is a note on this page that will point to the listings on the EAI blog with members' names and websites. This note is also on the Purchase Art tab for potential buyers to be directed to your website, so please, if you have a website be sure your information has been sent to Linda Fillhardt ( for the EAI Blog. Membership Event Calendar- This page has a full calendar of events for your reference, including deadlines and calls for art dates, please add these dates and deadlines to your personal calendar. Exhibition Calendar- This calendar only lists the schedule for Exhibitions. Refer to the Membership Event Calendar for deadlines and detailed information. Send us your Art- General information about Shipping your art. Please also see the sub-pages under this page for more detailed information regarding shipping and handling of your art. Additional information regarding shipping and framing- This page is a sub-page under the SEND US YOUR ART page. It has useful tips about shipping and handling your artwork as well as information about framing encaustic art. Calls for Art- We email you current calls for art as the deadlines come up, but if you have misplaced or deleted the email, you can check under the Membership tab to find copies of the current Calls for Art. Label text for Exhibits- This is an extra blank label for you to copy and paste, then print out and attach to the back of the piece you are shipping or delivering to EAI. Please print your info clearly and fill in the form completely. Be sure to note at the top of the label what show you are submitting the piece for -- or if the piece is for rotation. (We keep up to two member pieces on hand to hang. At least one piece of art from every member will be on display except during the Juried Show and the Gala Show). Remember that with all the current members' work we have, and new pieces coming in for themed shows and rotation, it can be very confusing if you have not attached a label to the back of your piece. You may be in a rush or not feel like taking the extra step -- but not only is it a hassle for us, it can definitely present problems for you as well. For example, a buyer comes in and asks about a piece in a show they saw a few months ago that they couldn't buy at the time, it's not hanging -- is it still available; or you leave a piece in rotation and then one year later you want it shipped back to you. If the painting is not labeled, it does not get recorded in the storage vault for future access. Both of these examples have come up in the past -- you could lose a sale or your piece may not be easily returned to you -- so please take care and responsibility for your art, take the extra step and attach your label securely to the back of your piece. Library- Click on this page to view the EAI Library and books that we have for members to check out from the Institute. If you have any questions, please contact me,

Sincerely, Douglas Mehrens Encaustic Art Institute/Founder

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