Monday, November 14, 2016

Professor Caroline Haughton from Santa Fe University brought 14 of her art students in for a hands-on demo/tour.

Students were given the assignment of writing about their creative process in encaustic for their next class. Here are some of their observations:
"My experience at Encaustic Art Institute was wildly colorful and completely engaging. I loved touring the gallery and viewing the work from a variety of local and outside artists, and our guides were very knowledgeable about the history and process of fused and pigmented wax creations. Attention to detail and a willingness to embrace creativity was greatly emphasized by EAI founder Douglas Mehrens, who helped our class explore the innumerable facets of encaustic wax creations. I was impressed by the gallery's dedication to promote encaustic work as a true competitor in the art world, and am grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn and experiment with this unique artistic medium. "
"I had a beautiful and creative experience at the Encaustic Art Institute. The two of you created an environment full of strong and positive energy. I really enjoyed learning more about encaustic (a term I had not heard before) and being able to explore this unique form of art. I'm not good with visual arts but this whole experience was very intriguing. This was a new and exciting challenge for me that I am still curious about. I'm inspired to look more into encaustic art and what I can do with it. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to expand my creative mind and skills! "
Tours/demos of Encaustic Art Institute available - 505-989-3283

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