Monday, February 9, 2015


EAI is proud to announce that a selection of the Permanent Collection is now housed in the Albuquerque Airport Display Cases on Level One as travelers enter the airport. The display will be up until April 6, 2015. The cases are 6 feet tall and 36 feet wide. It's a fantastic opportunity to promote the encaustic/wax movement and the Encaustic Art Institute for travelers far and wide.

Some of you may not know that the Permanent Collection was started a few years back to archive an eclectic variety of styles and techniques in encaustic/wax art, in order to further promote the medium. It is EAI's goal to propose an all-encaustic show to national museums, using our permanent collection. The ball has started to roll, but it takes 3-5 years to get in line for exhibiting in most major museums. In the meantime, the Permanent Collection can be viewed in the newly expanded EAI "Permanent Collection Gallery", space at our new location, 632 Agua Fria in Santa Fe. The Permanent Collection can  also be seen on EAI's website.

There are 20 paintings represented, which we think will give the viewer reason to pause.  We were unable to select as many to exhibit this year as we have our new location opening on March 27 and wanted the majority of the collection to be at the new location. Some paintings are not officially in our Permanent Collection, but have  been donated to EAI for fund-raising purposes. We have 3 panel headers; one promoting the Gallery with website, and two panels on either side explaining in simple terms what the encaustic/wax movement is.

Douglas Mehrens
Encaustic Art Institute/Founder 

List of 20 Artists Showing at Albuquerque Airport:

Michael Carter (NM)                             

Harriette Tsosie (NM)                         

Claire Cundiff (WA)                           

Diane Stevens Woolley (WA)          

Guy Baldovi (NM)                                         

Susan Zimmerman (NM)                       

Michael Billie (NM)                                   

Stella Spalt (MO)                                          

Rodney Thompson (CA)                               

Kate Palmo (NM)                                         

Fionna Buck (NM)                                          

Andrea Lyle (CO)                                          

Sharry Bartlett (BC,Canada)                          

Paul Kline (CT)                                             

Yvonne Burk (CA)                                          

Martha Rae Baker (NM)                               

Diane Kleiss (NM)                                          

Linda Fillhardt (NM)                                    

Yvonne Burk (NM)                                     

F.G. Yost (NM)                                             

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